Legal Notice

At Crosetta, we bring to you a variety of unique designer contact lenses to select from. You will get contact lens case free with each lens pair you buy from us. All our lenses are ultra soft, zero powered and have a 1-year usage life.

 Caution: For Cosmetic Purposes Only. You should only wear your contact lens as prescribed by your eye-care practitioner and follow all the recommended maintenance steps.

 Important Information:
1. Always wash and rinse your hands before handling your lenses.
2. Do not use if the lens is dry or damaged in any way.
3. Examine your lens ensuring that it is intact and clear of any debris.
4. Never wear lenses longer than prescribed.
5. Keep the lenses in solution after prescribed wear time for 4 hours at least

Legal Notice: Consumers and patients should always consult an eye care professional for advice on the treatment of a specific condition or for any other particular need. They should get it checked from an eye care professional only to see if the product is suitable for them.

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