Ambassador Program

Enjoy the freedom to work while pursuing your passion and encourage the cosplay culture with Crosetta Ambassador / Referral program.


The Real Image :

The Average Salary of Graduates scales from 3 to 4 LPA, i.e, 20,000- 35,000 a month viz. just not enough

Working? You don’t have to leave work, just promote us on your channels like Instagram, Youtube, Facebook, pages for 12 hrs a day.


Your Role :
Make Them Aware
Follow Up
Take Feedback

Ideal Game Plan:

Get 2 followers or leads to buying from your unique code in 1 hour

Suppose Our highest product price currently is: INR 2000 ( some can buy 2-3 products as well )

Your cut after the 100 Rs off would be: 1900*5% = INR 95 per sale

Then by the end of the day, you make: 24*95 = INR 2280

In a month that would be: 30*2280 = INR 60,400

You don’t have to go as per game plan move at your own pace, create a system and get adapted because ultimately something is better than nothing. Grow your network and make use of your beautiful brain.

Ideal Game Plan 2:

Say you get 1000 likes or views on your posts on youtube, FB, Instagram, Pinterest, Reddit pages. In the post or video mention about us and using your unique code or type it in the description of the post. 10% of those likers would use it.

To become part of this program drop a mail to support[@] with Subject ” Ambassador Program Application ” and answer the following in the e-mail

  1. Why do you want to be part of the program?
  2. How you can promote our products?
  3. Send Link to your social accounts that you will use

Perks :

After 1st 10 sales only get to order a pair for free.
After 100 Sales you are Crosetta elite ambassador and would be invited to our events and personal perk mails would be sent.